Julio Brito

System Administrator

Julio Brito’s years at LAN WAN Enterprise:


Julio has a ton of experience working in the IT field professionally. He started fixing computers since he was a kid. When Julio was about 7 years old, his older brother bought a Compaq Presario 5000 for his school work. Once in a while, Julio would open up the computer, take it apart, and then put it back together. His brother would be mad, but when anything happened to the computer he would come to Julio for help.

Julio used to play soccer growing up, and now on his spare time Julio coaches his kid’s soccer team to play soccer and to prevent them from being out on the streets. Julio enjoys seeing kids develop into athletes and has taken his team to win countless trophies in the short time he has been coaching.

Other hobbies Julio enjoys are wall climbing, running, going to watch soccer games, video games, hiking, the beach, obstacle races, snowboarding, and going to concerts. 


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