Nick Oweiss

Senior Network Engineer

Nick Oweiss’s years at LAN WAN Enterprise:


Mr. Nezar (Nick) Oweiss is a highly qualified, experienced, and very successful IT senior consultant. His knowledge in his field of expertise includes over thirty years of solid and practical understanding in the operation and management of network systems and infrastructures. He is impressively skilled and a proven leader and innovator in designing, customizing, optimizing, upgrading, troubleshooting, and managing such systems. In addition, he has broad experience as a security analyst including all aspects of data encryption, and data recovery techniques.

Mr. Oweiss earned his engineering degrees from a prestigious international university. He received and maintained a wide range of IT certifications. Nezar received numerous honors and recognitions for his outstanding team player and leadership and for his outstanding support and contribution to business office technology.

Nick’s personal passion in life is to facilitate the integration of art, music, IT, and faith. He is a skilled calligrapher, artist, poet, musician, and deep thinker. Nezar sincerely desires to serve others selflessly, is recognized as a man of unquestionable character and integrity. He is highly respected and honored by all who know him. Nezar, along with his wife and daughters are all actively involved in church and non-profit relief work.


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