Cable Installation

LAN WAN IT Solutions is a premiere low voltage C7 licensed contractor in Orange County CA serving businesses that need network cable installation or re-cabling services.

From structured cabling, fiber optic, VoIP cabling, intercom system cabling, or video surveillance cable installations. We are the most referred among business owners for cable installation services.

Your network’s functionality relies heavily on the cabling and the hardware.

Whether you’re looking to install or upgrade your network, having a trusted licensed low voltage electrical contractor perform the task is essential.

Proper planning and quality installation by a licensed professional are vital to your business.

When is a C7 licensed Contractor Needed?

  • If you already have cable installed and looking to upgrade to a higher speed
  • Your office is moving along with your IT infrastructure, your data and voice services can also be moved.
  • Need cable installation services for a new office

Network Cable Installation Services

No matter how complex or simple the project is, choosing LAN WAN Enterprises gives you the peace of mind you need because we provide a wide range of IT solutions and support along with our Network cable installation services.

This full-service capability has earned us the respect of our
existing clients and local businesses we have served for over 20 years.

Why Choose Us for Your Cable Installation Services?

When it comes to your network, your clients’ data, and your business operating smoothly, hiring a licensed low voltage C7 contractor ensures you’ll be receiving the highest quality workmanship.

Proper planning and execution can save you time and money, so your business is back in operation fast. Our team of experienced IT engineers and technicians will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We also operate 24/7 including holidays and weekends. This allows us to have your business open and operating quickly and without any delays.

What’s Involved in Network Cabling?

With our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and installers, you don’t have to worry about anything. We begin by evaluating, properly planning, designing, and implementing a precise cable infrastructure for your business once you approve the project, we take it from there.

What’s Next?

It’s simple, give us a call or contact us to schedule a detailed assessment. We’d like for you to get to know our company, our team, and experience the Lan Wan Enterprise difference for yourself.

Managed IT Services

Ready to boost your business and learn more about our Orange County IT solutions and support?

Structured Cabling


  • 24-hour IT support including holidays and weekends.
  • 20-minute response time guaranteed.
  • On-site and remote support to meet your needs.
  • Experienced Engineers and Technicians specializing in multiple IT fields.
  • Custom value-driven solutions for your business.
  • Proudly hold the longest record of security systems running without failure.
  • Longest running networks without any downtime.

Cabling Solutions

Deploy long-term solutions that provide flexibility, scalability, manageability, and reliability.

The cables that connect your technology need to meet the demands of your business. Whether you are relocating or updating your network, our highly-trained technicians will design a well-planned cabling infrastructure using high-performance IT cabling, tools, and testing equipment. We provide end-to-end solutions to bring all of your system’s pieces together and ensure that every component in your network will work together perfectly.

Telecommunications Cabling


Ethernet cables are used to connect devices to networks, like the internet. There are different categories (Cat) of Ethernet that support faster speeds and higher frequencies. For most businesses, we use Cat 6a cables to support higher bandwidth and prevent cross-talk and noise interference.


Low voltage cabling is used for telephones, Wi-Fi, cable, and security and surveillance equipment. Commercial buildings often require elaborate wiring systems that need technicians that specialize in setting up low voltage networks. LAN WAN Enterprise is certified with a C-7 Low Voltage Contractor’s License from the California State Licensing Board, which is required by installers/technicians involved in installing, servicing, and maintaining all types of low voltage systems.


Fiber optic cables transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds. The cable is made of thin strands of glass that send information in the form of light. In comparison to traditional copper wiring, fiber is thinner, lighter, works better over longer distances, and has greater flexibility, bandwidth, and speed. Some uses of fiber optic cable include internet, computer networking, telephony, and cable.


Our engineers take into account not only your current connectivity needs, but also plan ahead by designing a complaint system that will support future applications. Later on, if you need hardware upgrades or to add switches, routers, or other devices, you can rest assured that your cabling infrastructure is ready for tomorrow’s technology.


In the event that a registered link and/or channel fails to perform per the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards, LAN WAN Enterprise will repair and/or replace the relevant LAN WAN Enterprise product free of charge, provided all program requirements are met.

Whenever I let them know that something does not require immediate attention and to go ahead and schedule their assistance, their response time is immediate, no matter how small or large the issue they resolve the problem in the most expedient manner as not to interrupt our workflow. Frankly, if we do give them a time frame, they beat it!

Pauline Rojo

Controller, CIM Group, Inc

LAN WAN Enterprise has been working with us since 2004. I have always found the staff to be polite and well mannered, but more importantly, they make one feel comfortable no matter how stressful the problem is. This stems from the fact that they know what they are doing, and it shows.

Issam Elbechawati

Controller, PACWEST Security Services

They are so responsible when it comes to handling our systems, much of the time they call us and let us know about a problem before it happens. As a result it’s been years since we have had any sort of virus or malicious software on our computers. The problems we bring to them are solved so easily, that it makes us wonder if there is anything that any one of their technicians can’t do.

Vicki Langley

Senior VP, PACWEST Security Services