Network & Security Services

LAN WAN Enterprises specializes in network and security services in Orange County CA. Our IT support and services include a wide range of IT solutions to meet your business structure and daily demands. Rely on our expertise of over 20 years as the #1 referred managed IT service provider for businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and surrounding areas.

Why Choose our Network and Security Services?

Network and security are essential to any business. We consider ourselves an extension of your team. To build a successful business, you need a solid foundation. Our team of experienced network & security engineers will work tirelessly to ensure your business has the structure and security it needs to function safely and efficiently.

  • Network Configuration
  • New Network Installations
  • Network Infrastructure Documentation
  • Complete Network and Security Monitoring

Network and Security Essentials

Your Network is a central hub of information. Whether it’s your information or your client’s information, it must be protected and secured!

As your Orange County Network & Security provider, we are always monitoring and protecting your network from fraud, viruses, scams, and any possible security risks.

A non-secure network causes many problems for business owners. Not to mention unhappy clients, loss of revenue, and can go as far as putting a thriving business, out of business. Our IT support engineering staff is dedicated to excellence. Rely on us for all your network and security projects.

Other IT Support & Solutions We Offer

Contact us for a quote today and we’ll be happy to assess your needs. From network and security solutions to IT support, cloud solutions, data recovery, backup, and everything in between. We are here to help your business succeed.

24 hour emergency it service in orange couny


  • 24-hour IT support including holidays and weekends.
  • 20-minute response time guaranteed.
  • On-site and remote support to meet your needs.
  • Experienced Engineers and Technicians specializing in multiple IT fields.
  • Custom value-driven solutions for your business.
  • Proudly hold the longest record of security systems running without failure.
  • Longest running networks without any downtime.

Whenever I let them know that something does not require immediate attention and to go ahead and schedule their assistance, their response time is immediate, no matter how small or large the issue they resolve the problem in the most expedient manner as not to interrupt our workflow. Frankly, if we do give them a time frame, they beat it!

Pauline Rojo

Controller, CIM Group, Inc

LAN WAN Enterprise has been working with us since 2004. I have always found the staff to be polite and well mannered, but more importantly, they make one feel comfortable no matter how stressful the problem is. This stems from the fact that they know what they are doing, and it shows.

Issam Elbechawati

Controller, PACWEST Security Services

They are so responsible when it comes to handling our systems, much of the time they call us and let us know about a problem before it happens. As a result it’s been years since we have had any sort of virus or malicious software on our computers. The problems we bring to them are solved so easily, that it makes us wonder if there is anything that any one of their technicians can’t do.

Vicki Langley

Senior VP, PACWEST Security Services