Our goal then and now is to provide quality business IT Services

If you’re looking for business IT consulting services in Orange County, we’re glad you’ve landed on this page.  For 20 years, LAN WAN Enterprise has the lead the way in IT consulting services by providing the most scalable and reliable IT solutions to exceed client expectations.

You can rely on our experienced engineers, and 24 hour IT consulting and managed support services.  At LAN WAN Enterprise there’s no IT problems, only IT solutions.

Over 20 Years

of IT Consulting Experience

At LAN WAN, our IT consulting engineers have provided a wide range of solutions and support that stretch across multiple disciplines.

We only hire the most experienced IT engineers to ensure our clients get the reliable support, products, and services they expect and deserve.

We consider our team an extension of your company, we are here to make sure your business is always running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.


We pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional manner by relying on the highest moral standards and integrity.  We endeavor to continue adding value to each client we serve with a progressive approach of staying ahead of the curve in information technology advancements.

We pledge to use our experience and abilities to enrich the growth of each client we communicate with.  Our mission is achieved by using experience, skills, and technical abilities to enhance the efficiency, security, and infrastructure of all businesses we meet.

We use a proactive approach of educating our potential and existing clients in order for them to make an informed decision that will fit their business needs.

If a client chooses us as their IT consultant, we provide the highest and most responsive quality IT engineers which intern translates to a successful, long-term relationship, and become a company they can thoroughly rely on.

For our LAN WAN employees, we aim to empower and enhance their lives so they can intern enhance the lives of others and give back to our community which has been so giving to us.


LAN WAN Enterprise is committed to growing globally while providing unparalleled services to its clients in the Information Technology industry.

We see ourselves accomplishing this through the implementation of two values.


By utilizing the same technology we use in all of our clients offices, we will reach beyond the confines of our geographical limitations to assist the many who can benefit from our practice.

IT Consulting & Solutions We Offer


Ethically, we are dedicated to providing quality customer care that is manifested in its regular, everyday practices. We believe that by staying totally committed, with all diligence, to the small everyday virtues

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