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VoIP Solutions

If you own a business, time and money have a direct effect on your bottom line. Business VoIP solutions are flexible and scalable to fit your needs.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using an Internet connection, rather a conventional analog phone line. Using VoIP, you can access new features that drive work performance and lower your telephone costs.

Top Available VoIP Features

Auto Attendant

Improve customer service and greet your callers with a welcome message that would direct their calls to the desired department.

Call Quality

The highest possible call quality with no delay, echo, or distortion. No expensive conditioned circuits are needed.

Call Queues

Automate the distribution of inbound calls and strategically direct calls to tiered service departments.

Call Recording

Record calls to track and analyze conversations for training purposes and to improve your operating efficiency.

Cloud Contact Center

Skill-based routing, agent productivity, supervisor monitoring and whispering, customer feedback, and others.

Conference Bridge

Host conference calls with up to 150 users. Giving companies the ability to hold regular meetings with their entire workforce.

Desktop App

Turn any computer with sufficient bandwidth into a fully-featured phone with all the unified communication features.

Find Me/Follow Me

Never miss a call again. Incoming calls can ring at your home, office, and cell phone. Either one at a time or all at once.

Mobile App

Stay connected with a full-featured IP telephone application with advanced presence and voicemail tools.

Number Porting

Keep your existing phone number by porting it to your new phone system. Have additional new numbers in almost any area code.

Video Conferencing

Increase collaboration by providing users with the ability to host video conferences with text messages and file share.

Voicemail to Email

Check your voicemail from anywhere. Voicemails are automatically sent to your email inbox as an audio file attachment.

As your business grows, you can scale your system to meet your business’s growing demands.

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There are three different options for deploying VoIP solutions: on-premise, cloud-based, and a hybrid system.




Our service provider hosts the software and hardware and maintains your phone system.



Extensively utilizes the cloud but also maintains some on-premise hardware and services.



All the PBX hardware is kept at your physical location and calls are passed through your server.


  • Little setup – uses existing internet connection
  • No maintenance as everything is in the cloud
  • Monthly fee (OpEx Model)
  • Only pay for what you use – monthly cost increases or decreases when phones are added or removed
  • Upfront installation costs
  • Cost of hardware and maintenance covered by Star2Star
  • Monthly fee (OpEx Model)
  • Only pay for what you use – monthly cost increases or decreases when phones are added or removed
  • Upfront installation and hardware expense
  • Maintenance costs for hardware
  • Service and support costs
  • Lower OpEx cost
  • Telecom circuit costs for additional phone connections


Fast implementation

Fast implementation

Long implementation


Call quality may vary and be limited based on network connection

Service provider handles all upgrades and maintenance

Provides both the quality of an on-premise system and the flexibility of the cloud

Lifetime warranty on hardware provided by Star2Star

Calls are all routed through the on-premise system via dedicated phone circuits

Capabilities are limited by PBX hardware


Best for SMBs that have small operations with less than five users

Best for SMBs that are experiencing growth and need a scalable solution

Best for SMBs whose IT department can support equipment & expenses

Internet Solutions

Save money by using an internet consultant to find the best internet solution for your business.

Businesses rely on the internet to function. Whether you are using wireless, fiber, DSL, cable modem, satellite, or ethernet over copper (EOC), you need your internet connection to be fast and reliable. Using an internet consultant, you can rest easy knowing that your internet service provider (ISP) has been selected to provide services specific to your business’s needs and the price has been negotiated down for you.

In addition to determining which internet solution you need, the experts at LAN WAN will craft a customized plan based upon your business’s unique location and building requirements, install your high-speed internet solution, and configure your connections to ensure your have reliable internet anywhere you go in your building.


Top Advantages of Using an Internet Consultant

Lower Cost:

Telecom brokers have access to lower rates than a customer going directly to an ISP. We’ll make sure you only pay for the features and services that you need.

Improved Satisfaction:

As an internet consultant, we keep your whole operation in mind to find the perfect solution just for you. No dead spots, just fast, secure, reliable internet.


Say goodbye to multiple bills from different providers. Aggregate your telecom services to save time and money.

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Cabling Solutions

Deploy long-term solutions that provide flexibility, scalability, manageability, and reliability.

The cables that connect your technology need to meet the demands of your business. Whether you are relocating or updating your network, our highly-trained technicians will design a well-planned cabling infrastructure using high-performance IT cabling, tools, and testing equipment. We provide end-to-end solutions to bring all of your system’s pieces together and ensure that every component in your network will work together perfectly.

Telecommunications Cabling



Ethernet cables are used to connect devices to networks, like the internet. There are different categories (Cat) of Ethernet that support faster speeds and higher frequencies. For most businesses, we use Cat 6a cables to support higher bandwidth and prevent cross-talk and noise interference.


Low voltage cabling is used for telephones, Wi-Fi, cable, and security and surveillance equipment. Commercial buildings often require elaborate wiring systems that need technicians that specialize in setting up low voltage networks. LAN WAN Enterprise is certified with a C-7 Low Voltage Contractor’s License from the California State Licensing Board, which is required by installers/technicians involved in installing, servicing, and maintaining all types of low voltage systems.


Fiber optic cables transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds. The cable is made of thin strands of glass that send information in the form of light. In comparison to traditional copper wiring, fiber is thinner, lighter, works better over longer distances, and has greater flexibility, bandwidth, and speed. Some uses of fiber optic cable include internet, computer networking, telephony, and cable.


Our engineers take into account not only your current connectivity needs, but also plan ahead by designing a complaint system that will support future applications. Later on, if you need hardware upgrades or to add switches, routers, or other devices, you can rest assured that your cabling infrastructure is ready for tomorrow’s technology.


In the event that a registered link and/or channel fails to perform per the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards, LAN WAN Enterprise will repair and/or replace the relevant LAN WAN Enterprise product free of charge, provided all program requirements are met.

A Guide to Telecommunication Solutions For A Digital Business World in Irvine & Orange County


If you own a business, you need to communicate properly, clearly, and often. You need to communicate with your staff, local and remote, your investors, and your customers.

In a digital business world, you need digital communication solutions. You will need stable internet in your office. Stable internet is the foundation for proper communication in business now.  It helps you to save time and money on your communications.

With the internet, you can convert your traditional calls to digital calls through VoIP technology. It enables you to transmit your ordinary voice calls through a digital medium. Saving you money, time and making you more productive.


What Is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to transmit your voice telephone messages over the internet rather than on analog wired systems.

In a digital business world, VoIP enhances your communication and productivity, and also saves you money.


How Does VoIP Work?

Many businesses communicate through wired landline phones.  This is used for both internal and external communication. Companies also have internet that they use to send emails and other digital communication.

VoIP enables a business to use the internet to transmit phone calls instead of the normal landline wires. Your voice call is transmitted through the internet. Phones are also connected through the internet rather than the landline wire network.


Benefits Of Using VoIP In A Business

Cost Savings

When your business uses VoIP technology, you will enjoy massive savings in communication costs. By using the internet, you will bypass telephone companies. This means that you will only receive a single bill for communication. The internet bill.

You Can Call Anywhere In The World

You can quickly dial anyone anywhere in the world with VoIP. With businesses increasingly hiring remote employees, VoIP makes communication easier.

High Quality Of Sound

When you call with VoIP, you hear each other clearly. This reflects properly on your business if you are speaking to customers. You also get to hear each other better. This ensures clear and correct communication.

Superior Features

Enjoy superior communication features in your business. VoIP allows you to record and monitor the quality of your calls. It also offers features such as call queuing.

Available On The Cloud

VoIP telephony makes it easy to work remotely. You don’t need to set up or buy any equipment if you work remotely. You can access your phone service anytime, anywhere.


Disadvantages Of Using VoIP


Requires High Internet Speeds

To use VoIP effectively, you will need high internet bandwidth speeds. This allows for clear communication between the two ends. You will have to pay more for faster internet bandwidth to your ISP.

Difficult To Use During Emergencies

In an emergency, you have to tell operators your physical location as VoIP only sends your mailing address to emergency operators.


Highlight Features Of VoIP Services

Call Recording

Recording calls is important for businesses that need to assess their communications. Recorded calls can be checked and assessed. They are then used to train employees on how to make better calls to customers.

When calls are recorded, they can be reviewed and regularly reported problems identified. This helps companies to solve the biggest problems their customers face.

Call Queuing

A busy call center can use VoIP effectively. Queuing features allow you to answer multiple phone calls. Making customer communication and problem-solving fast.

Call queuing makes your business a customer care champion. Customers are made aware of being in a queue and are patient enough for their turn.

Conference Calls

VoIP technology allows for multiple location conference calls. Making it a suitable digital technology for business in the digital world. It has the capacity for both video and audio calls.

As a conference bridge, you can conduct a virtual meeting for up to 150 people. Making it the best communication solution for businesses with remote workers.

Desktop App

VoIP services offer users a desktop app from which they can access the VoIP phone services. This app turns any computer into a VoIP enabled phone. Making it easy to make calls, record, and even queue incoming calls.

Find Me Feature

With VoIP services, you will never get a missed call again. VoIP telephony will make sure your phone rings wherever you are. It will ring at home or in the office. This makes sure that you will get your calls at all times.

Mobile App

In a digital business world, your communication isn’t limited to the office. With our mobile devices being as powerful as our computers, you can use your VoIP mobile app on your mobile devices.

This makes sure that you are always available for a call with your customers and colleagues.

Call Quality

This is one of the most important features you can get from VoIP telephony. When you use VoIP technology, you have the clearest phone lines. You can hear each other clearly regardless of your location in the world.

High-quality calls indicate that you are a business that values good work to everyone who calls into your business.


Cabling Solutions

Cabling is an important business telecommunication service. It makes human communication possible. It also makes sure that devices in the business can talk to each other.

There are different types of cabling solutions that you would need for your business.

Ethernet cables make it possible to connect to the internet. They support VoIP communication in your business and make it possible to do business in a digital world.

Low-voltage cables connect telephones in your business, Wi-Fi, and surveillance devices.


Internet Solutions

The internet is the foundation of all business communication in a digital world. Businesses that don’t need or use the internet won’t need cabling solutions and won’t use VoIP telephony. Internet is important for all businesses to function properly.

You need the internet to communicate and meet your customers’ demands if they are all over the world. You also need the internet to communicate and collaborate with remote workers.

For this reason, you need a good Internet Service Provider. Your ISP should advise and provide ideal internet solutions.

They should provide a fast enough bandwidth to support VoIP technology. They should also give you the best cabling solutions. They should provide internet cabling for all your business needs.


LAN WAN Enterprise

LAN WAN Enterprise is a leading telecommunication service provider. You will get all you need for a superior VoIP experience, internet, and cabling solutions. With decades of experience and certified networking professionals, your business relies on experts.

Orange County businesses can enjoy high-quality telecommunication service as provided by LAN WAN Enterprise.

In Sum

A good internet service makes it possible for your business to run in a digital world. It enables a proper VoIP connection and service. Internet is part of the name of the service. Therefore, you will need high-quality internet to use it.

A good ISP with high-quality internet and other telecommunication solutions is what your business needs. LAN WAN Enterprise offers all these for businesses. Enabling the best quality business communications and customer care.

Get in touch with LAN WAN Enterprise to get your business into the digital world. To support your remote workers and to communicate with global customers and stakeholders.

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