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Taking into account the sheer number of cyberattacks on enterprises in the last few years and the havoc they have wreaked, it has now become more important for enterprises and SMEs alike to hire ethical hackers.

It’s crucial to have ethical hackers in your managed IT services team in Irvine because they help organizations by providing them with a deep and objective analysis of their current security expertise.

Why businesses need an Ethical Hacker on their Irvine Managed IT Services team

Having an ethical hacker on your outsourced IT team means that you will be in a better position to protect your users’ privacy and enhance confidence in your business, in addition to keeping your systems secure from current and future threats.

Naturally, with the advancements in virtualization, cloud computing, IT outsourcing in Orange County, etc. there’s now a far more urgent need for cyber-security.

The greatest issue facing enterprises in Orange Country is the variety of cyber threats, vulnerabilities and exploits that are constantly evolving. While there’s no permanent remedy for it, an ethical hacker on your outsourced IT team can easily recognize the evolving security breach tactics that hackers use, and tap into his own experience to resolve security threats exclusive to your organization.

In fact, a white paper was published recently highlighting the importance and critical need for independent and impartial ethical hacking assessments, security architecture, solutions, technical concerns and the role of an ethical hacker within these spheres.

Why organizations should not underestimate the importance of an Ethical Hacker

The importance of organizations having an ethical hacker within their IT team is connected with two emerging issues:

First, the number of cyber-attacks on enterprises of all scales is continuously mounting. These attacks have led to major financial loss and reputational damage, with the data privacy violations affecting the majority of customers. Specific precautionary measures must be put in place according to current cyber-attack trends. This makes the importance of having an ethical hacker on your outsourced IT team in Orange County absolutely vital.

Second, the increase in cloud adoption, IT outsourcing and virtualization has increased the threat level for some organizations, because their managed IT services provider often does not extend the right level of security. Furthermore, owing to the evolving ability and complexities that come with cloud technology, security requirements have become more complex as well– something which only ethical hackers are equipped to handle.

Key benefits of working with an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers have the ability to delve into the psyche of hackers and fully understand how an attacker may penetrate your system. They are the best individuals to evaluate vulnerabilities in both your software and hardware environments. In fact, companies like IBM have an entire team of ethical hackers to help keep their system secure at all times.

An ethical hacker can help you in many ways:

  • Come up with a computer system designed to prevent hackers from accessing your system – safeguarding everything within that system from a malicious attack
  • Have adequate preventive measures in place to prevent security breaches
  • Protect sensitive customer information present in business transactions or visits
  • Test networks for security on a regular basis
  • Create security and safety awareness across the entire organizational hierarchy