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In a dynamic digital world, security for your small business goes beyond security guards and cameras. It extends into the digital storage and infrastructure of your computer network. According to studies, 22% of small businesses have been the targets of cyberattacks. More alarmingly, only 50% of small businesses report that they could remain profitable for more than one month in the event of a cyberattack. These shocking statistics demonstrate the need for cybersecurity in your business. From minor changes to major overhauls, here are some cybersecurity tips to keep your business safe and profitable.

Control Access and Educate Your Staff

Although hackers have the black-hat knowledge to infiltrate your business network, many cyberattacks are the result of negligence or ignorance by your staff. Phishing, watering holes, and malware are just a handful of the threats that lure unsuspecting employees into a security breach.

Therefore, business owners need to control access to their network and educate their staff on the dangers of cybersecurity attacks. Mandate that employees attend regular meetings that address the issues of cyberattacks and cybersecurity measures.

You should also limit who has access to the network at any given time. If you allow employees to access your network through their personal devices, use network access controls (NAC) to limit the opportunity for hackers to attack your business.

Implement a Password Management Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses and employees make is using the same password for every account or choosing a password that’s too simplistic.

To avoid nefarious activities, implement an effective password management strategy. Over the past decade, password management systems such as Keeper, Dashlane, and Password Boss have sprung up. These companies provide strong passwords and store them on a cloud, ensuring that your network and accounts remain secure.

Use Antivirus Software and Keep It Updated

Antivirus software is the first line of defense between security threats and your network. With a robust antivirus software (go with the pro/premium option rather than the free edition), you can protect your business for cyberattacks. However, antivirus software isn’t worth anything if you don’t keep it updated. Make a conscientious effort to keep your antivirus software updated and instruct your staff to do the same.

Back-Up Your Sensitive and Important Information

If you don’t currently back up your information and files, you’re at a huge risk. If this information suddenly disappeared, there’s little likelihood that your business could continue to function. That’s what makes backing up your files so important. Whether you use an external storage device or a cloud for your storage solutions is irrelevant. Just use the one that works for you and ensures that you won’t go under should you suffer a cyberattack.

Whether you’re a small operation with a few employees or a larger company with 20 or more employees, the need for cybersecurity remains constant. Implement these tips, educate your staff, and hopefully, you can avoid the pitfalls and crises of a full-scale cyberattack.

Lan Wan has been providing IT services for multiple decades.  Our hands-on approach includes educating about preventative measures to protect your business.